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You can have confidence in your biosimilar medicines

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Switching to biosimilars is safe and effective for patients
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Who we are

Biosimilars Canada is a national association representing the biosimilar medicines industry in Canada. We provide leadership in educating Canadian stakeholders about the safety and efficacy of biosimilar medicines, and advocate for policies that support their timely approval, reimbursement, market acceptance and expanded use.

About Biosimilars

As patents for original brand biologic medicines expire other manufacturers can produce new versions called biosimilars. Health Canada authorizes biosimilars for sale using the same rigorous regulatory standards as for all other biologic drugs, and there are no clinically meaningful differences in efficacy and safety between a biosimilar and the original brand biologic medicine.


Learn more about biosimilars and their benefits for patients and healthcare systems.

Latest news

Alberta adds NovoRapid insulin aspart to biosimilar switching program

Effective October 1, 2021, adult patients who take NovoRapid insulin aspart will be required to switch to a biosimilar version by April 1, 2022. All new patient starts for insulin aspart will be covered for a biosimilar.

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Drug Plans Decoded: Biosimilars Part 2

The Pharmacy Consulting Team at Telus Health looks at how Canada compares to Europe and the U.S. on biosimilars. Second in series. 

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Drug Plans Decoded: Biosimilars Part 1

The Pharmacy Consulting Team at Telus Health has published a good primer for private health insurers on biosimilars and the biosimilar landscape in Canada. First in series. 

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