The Benefits of Membership

Biosimilars Canada is Canada’s first and most effective voice for the biosimilar medicines industry. Biosimilars are poised to bring increased competition to the biopharmaceutical market and encourage “next wave” of biologics innovation – but only if federal and provincial policies will support their approval, reimbursement and market acceptance. Patients and clinicians also require education to understand that biosimilars are federally-approved alternative equivalents to reference biopharmaceutical products that are as safe and effective as their reference biopharmaceutical products. Join a group of leading global biosimilars companies as they work to foster a favorable environment for biosimilar medicines in Canada.

Policy Development

Through participation in our expert committees, your company can help to shape the focus of Biosimilars Canada’s advocacy efforts by developing policies on a variety of issues that affect biosimilars in Canada and around the globe, and importing global best practices to Canada.

Advocacy and Representation

Biosmilars Canada members actively help to shape the federal and provincial policies needed to support the approval, reimbursement and market acceptance of biosimilar medicines in Canada. Your company will also become part of an effective voice that is educating key stakeholders – including patients and clinicians – on the science of comparability, the safety and efficacy of biosimilar medicines, and the many benefits these products will provide to Canadians.

Strategic Focus

Biosimilars Canada is already making important inroads in advancing the strategic objectives of its comprehensive annual work plan, as approved by the Biosimilars Canada Board. Our priority work streams include:

Scientific Regulatory Affairs
Increase the international alignment of Health Canada with leading regulatory authorities and established scientific principles.

Pricing & Reimbursement Regime
Create a sustainable biosimilars market in Canada that recognizes the value these products present to all stakeholders.

Market Acceptance & Growth
Develop domestic knowledge leadership and educate key stakeholders. Identify gaps in domestic frameworks and ensure federal, provincial and territorial partners understand the impact of their decisions.

Influence international initiatives and issues impacting the global biosimilars industry by working in close collaboration with our partners in the International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (IGBA).

Proven Track Record

Our dedicated staff team has extensive experience in national trade association leadership, and has a proven track record of effective, results-driven advocacy at the provincial, federal and international level.

Authoritative Knowledge

Biosimilars Canada staff have in-depth working knowledge of the Canadian health-care system, and Canadian political, legal and regulatory systems. Working with our partners in the IGBA we also stay abreast of the latest developments and trends for biosimilars worldwide.

Annual Membership Fees

Full Member – CDN $50,000
Companies engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and/or marketing of biosimilar medicines are eligible to join Biosimilars Canada as Full Members. This includes companies that are active in the Canadian market, or have plans to enter the Canadian market in the near future. International company representatives are permitted to participate in the Biosimilars Canada expert committees. Full Members are also eligible to have a voting representative on the Biosimilars Canada Board.

Associate Members – CDN $10,000
Industry suppliers to the biosimilar medicines industry are eligible to join Biosimilars Canada as Associate Members. These companies are eligible to participate on Biosimilars Canada scientific/regulatory affairs initiatives.

Membership Enquiries

For membership enquiries and other information, please contact Jody Cox, Vice President of Biosimilars Canada at or +1 613 218 8839.


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